Kiln and Combustion Calculation Training.

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Kiln and Combustion Calculation Training

Unique training course of basic standard on kiln and combustion calculations, to enable you to perform confidently and accurately the following calculations:

Gross calorific value.
Net calorific value.
Useful heat value
Standard coal factor.
Specific Stoichiometric, or minimum Combustion Air.
Stoichiometric, or minimum Combustion Air. Theoretical Flame Temperature.
Primary Air percentage.
Burner Tip Velocity.
Flame Momentum.
Dimensional parameters.
Degree of filling.
Burning zone loading, or Thermal loading.
Volumetric loading.
Material residence time in kiln.
Cooler Loading.
Clinker residence time in cooler.
Radiation Heat Losses.
Free Convection Heat Losses.
Forced Convection Heat Losses.
False air with respect mix, (O2 basis)
False air with respect gas (O2 basis)
False air with respect mix (CO2 basis)
False air with respect gas (CO2 basis)
Excess Air at kiln inlet.

By the end of this course, you will be covering more than 25 basic calculations you need on daily basis in cement plant.

⇒APPRECIATION AT COURSE COMPLETION: 20% Discount on any one of listed course (CONDITION: You have to finish this training within "Course Duration" time).
⇒Course Duration: 4-6 weeks.
⇒Registration Fee: 38 USD 25.0 USD. (35% Flat Discount)

Course Structure.

Section 1: Course Introduction

  • Importance of Kiln and Combustion Calculations in cement plant.

Section 2: Fuels and Fuel Properties

  • Coal properties.
  • Oil Properties.
  • Natural Gas Properties.

Section 3: Combustion Equations

  • Definition and Assumptions.
  • Mole Concept and Reference Condition.
  • Combustion Equations.

Section 4: Combustion Calculations

  • Calorific value Calculations.
  • Stoichiometric Combustion Air Calculations.
  • Kiln Firing Calculations.

Section 5: Kiln Calculations

  • Design Calculations.
  • False Air and Excess Air Calculations.
  • Radiation and Convection Heat Loss Calculations.


  • Course Evaluation.

Your Instructor

Engineer Bilal.
Engineer Bilal.

More than 14-Years of experience in cement manufacturing sector in the area of Process, Quality and Energy management, Training and Operation, Audit and Optimization. Strong Back-up work experience with FLSmidth, Thyssenkrupp, Promac and many more.

Course Curriculum

  Course Introduction
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  Fuels and Fuel Properties
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days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start.
The course will start on 20th February 2019.
How long do I have access to the course?
6-weeks from Enrollment date.
What if i have any other question?
Contact cementindusneed at +917889462446 or email us at [email protected]

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